What we do?

MARWO Development Action is working to build a development of society particularly Women and Youth through research, media production, legal consultancy, education outreach and the institutions need to be nurtured with local information and adapted to local dynamics. MARWO helps development programs and developing unique communications strategy to reach wider audiences with their project activities to showcase impact.

MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS: For the past two decades, the reality on the ground in Somaliland and Somalia has not being shown through media lens and lack of Somali media professionals have also been contributed to it. So, media productions – Films, theatre plays, radio productions, photography and road shows are part of our work. We treat your resources and community at large as if they were our own. That’s why we focus our strategy on what will give them the most value. MARWO works the institutions need to be nurtured with local information and adapted to local dynamics. It helps them to develop unique communications strategy to reach wider audiences with their activities/products/Services to showcase impact.


We stand for enhancing Women and Youth development through media productions, education outreach and skills. We work on building effective relationships between local communities, including Women and Youth, religious leaders, traditional leaders, and governmental institutions to tackle the most pressing challenges in the community. MARWO wants to witness an environment in which all kinds of discrimination, violence and harms against Youth and Women are prevented.


We do Advocacy and Awareness through effective approaches that Somalis easily understand, like theatre plays, Poetry, Cultural innovations and media productions. In our advocacy and awareness techniques, we focus on the most pressing issues in society. We also help the communities to be aware of their surrounding environment through awareness-raising campaigns.

RESEARCH, EVALUATION AND DATA ANALYSIS: are also part of our service’s flagship. We have highly qualified researchers and data analysts whose experience have made successful of our research department. We are familiar with both national and international contexts in research and we have conducted several research tasks with BBC Media Action among other international NGOs.

DIGITAL MARKETING: We also help organizations, institutions and other agencies develop resourceful communications units, create communications strategies and work plans in order to have a clear vision for their public information services. At the same time, we facilitate dialogue between those institutions and the general public via digital platforms. Having articles published is nice, but if they’re in media outlets and the customers don’t read they’re not as helpful as a single, quality feature or content in a relevant digital platform. We enhance, therefore, their presence in digital mechanisms.

EDUCATION OUTREACH: is however, part of our work. We do trainings, short courses and some other massive knowledge sharing classes through practical, interactive and integrated approaches.

In addition, we also do work on;

Public Information
Strategic Communications and Marketing strategies.

Above all, these services we provide are also linked and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDG2030) in different approaches. As our name indicates, contributing to development through above mentioned interventions is what made us unique.